Where to Buy Bai Mu Dan?

Buying tea is a fun and interesting process. There are many types of tea to choose from, and you will likely enjoy searching for and sampling different types and blends before settling on a few favorite teas. Even though you might be looking to specifically purchase Bai Mu Dan tea for its delicious mellow flavor and potentially beneficial health properties, you should know that every grower and distributor is different. When you go to purchase your tea, you should research the grower and find out how they create the tea you are about to enjoy. Some Bai Mu Dan distributors have been around for a very long time, especially those located where the tea originates from in China.

Buying Bai Mu Dan Online

While some people shy away from purchasing teas online for fear of the tea they receive being low quality, it is important to know that there are some reputable tea distributors on the internet. These growers are usually highly rated and reviewed and are very responsive to inquiries from potential customers.

Buying tea online can help you get you, Bai Mu Dan, direct from the source, without needing to travel to China to select your tea from the grower themselves. With the help of online retailers, you can have access to this delicious tea and virtually chat with some of the growers to learn more about the process they use and the types of tea that they have. A bit of research online will reveal some local growers in China with websites that detail exactly how they grow and harvest the Bai Mu Dan tea before selling it to you. This insight into the growing process can be an excellent window into the tea’s quality. Try to select a highly rated retailer that takes great care in growing and producing their tea, as it will likely give you a delicious result.

Buying Bai Mu Dan in a Shop

Another great way to purchase Bai Mu Dan is to go to your local tea retailer. As this type of tea is extremely popular in terms of white tea, you will likely be able to find it fairly easily. Buying Bai Mu Dan in a store will also give you the opportunity to look at the tea before you make your purchase. Since Bai Mu Dan is intended to be minimally processed and is supposed to look similar to its original plant form, looking at the leaves can be a good indication of how the tea will taste. A fresh, healthy looking bud indicates that your Bai Mu Dan is probably fairly fresh and will brew a delicate and delicious cup of tea. It also means it is probably high quality, and that is always important when you are purchasing tea. However, if the tea leaves appear dry and powdery, then it is likely older and less fresh. These tea leaves will not produce the same flavor and properties that you are looking for in your Bai Mu Dan tea, and you should probably keep searching for a fresher batch of tea leaves.

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