Dragon Pearls Tea

What is Dragon Pearls Tea?

Dragon pearls tea has an incredibly exotic sounding name, and it should. The intricate process used to make dragon pearl tea makes it both unique and highly sought after by tea enthusiasts. As you might guess, dragon pearl tea gets its name because of the pearl-like shape of the tea that you receive when you first purchase it. While the pearls (or spheres of tea leaves and often floral elements) unbind themselves as the tea steeps and brews, its initial shape gives the tea its distinct name.

Origins of Dragon Pearls Tea

The history of dragon pearls tea appears to be just as unique as the tea’s name. According to David’s Tea, dragon pearl tea came to be when a Chinese emperor was looking for an original way to express his love over 1300 years ago. While this romantic gesture was sweet in nature and historically significant, it certainly had a lasting impact on the tea industry as a whole. The emperor, in fact, gave all of us the gift of dragon pearls tea, and it is now a tea type that is known around the world.

Types of Dragon Pearls Tea

The one common thread of dragon pearls tea is the floral jasmine element that is included with the pearls of tea. While the tea is commonly made using a green tea base, that is not always the case. Some dragon pearls tea makers choose to use black tea or white tea to make their pearls. White tea is tea harvested early in the growing season, and it gets its name from the white or silver appearance of the tea leaves. White tea is also often processed very little when the tea is created, so it is very close to the original plant form that it was harvested from when it is made and sold as tea. Black tea gets its name from its dark black or brown coloring. While it is created from the same leaf base as green tea, the difference is that the black tea is left to fully oxidize before it is processed into tea. Each type of tea base will create a different flavoring of your dragon pearl tea, so it is a good idea to know which type of tea you typically enjoy most before purchasing the dragon pearls tea. However, as the jasmine component can change the flavoring of the tea, you may want to try each variety of dragon pearl as your favorite may change when blended with floral elements.

Each dragon pearl tea is tightly rolled into round tea spheres. While the tea pearls are larger than typical loose tea that you are used to, it is measured in the same way. This is because you can expect the pearls to unbind themselves after you place them in water to brew your tea. You will end up with a beautiful and floral tea blend after steeping the pearls in water for just a few minutes. A lot of tea drinkers love the visual elements of the pearls and jasmine flowers just as much as they enjoy the flavor of the tea.

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