Dragon Pearls Tea Side Effects

You may think that drinking tea does not have any side effects. While for most people drinking tea is perfectly safe, for others there can be some risks involved. This is especially true for people with documented medical conditions or for people who are on certain medications. Tea is typically a safe and relaxing beverage, but you should always check to know what the possible side effects are to ensure that you do not see any negative impacts from having dragon pearls tea.

Dragon Pearls Tea and Caffeine

Depending on the tea leaf base that you choose for your dragon pearls tea, there may be some caffeine in the tea. While it is often thought of as a calming tea because of the jasmine elements, many tea varieties also contain some amounts of caffeine. For most people, this will not be a problem. However, for some people caffeine can produce many negative effects. Some people who have negative reactions to caffeine report an overly alert sensation, having problems falling asleep or staying asleep, or even a somewhat elevated heart rate. There are also some medications that are specifically not meant to be taken with caffeine as they can have negative reactions to each other when combined. Anyone who is worried about consuming caffeine should check with their doctor first before drinking tea that contains even small amounts of caffeine. Your doctor can check the medications that you are currently on as well as your overall health and let you know if caffeine is safe for you to have when drinking dragon pearls tea. If you notice that you are having trouble sleeping after drinking the tea, you might just need to drink it earlier in the day. Caffeine generally takes a few hours to get out of your system, depending on the quantities you consume.

Dragon Pearls Tea and Allergies

Since tea is made directly from plant leaves, it can trigger allergies in people who have bad reactions to certain natural elements. This is especially true for people who are allergic to flowers, as dragon pearls tea often incorporates jasmine flowers or buds into the blend. If you have a documented plant allergy or even if you suspect that you might, it is best to get yourself tested for allergies before you try to drink dragon pearls tea. Your doctor or allergy specialist will be able to test you and let you know if dragon pearls tea is safe for you to drink or if you should potentially avoid it to prevent an allergic reaction.

Dragon Pearls Tea and Relaxation

While some teas have enough caffeine to keep you alert and awake, it is best to be cautious when drinking dragon pearls tea. This type of tea often includes jasmine flower as part of its blend. According to many studies, jasmine can have a calming and relaxing effect. This is often one of the very reasons that people drink the tea. However, for some this relaxing effect can be negative. It is not a good idea to drink the tea if you need to be completely alert as the tea may inhibit that.

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