How to Select and Prepare Dragon Pearls Tea?

How to Select Your Dragon Pearls Tea

Selecting dragon pearl tea has a lot to do with your tea tastes in general. As the common flavoring in dragon pearls tea is typically the jasmine flower, it is the base tea flavor that will likely change your perception of the tea. Dragon pearls tea is most often made with green tea molded into the perfectly spherical pearls that are blended with jasmine flowers. However, some dragon pearls tea is made from black tea leaves or white tea leaves. If you tend to prefer one type of tea most, start with that variety when selecting your dragon pearls tea.

You should also look at the pearls to see if they are made from fresh looking and healthy tea leaves and if the blend contains them, jasmine flowers. While you will likely not be able to count the number of tea leaves and buds, most pearls are estimated to have around 30 packed inside. This does seem like a lot, but if you were to count the number of tea leaves in your typical serving of loose leaf tea, you would see that it is very similar to the pearls.

How to Prepare Your Dragon Pearls Tea

While dragon pearl tea may look large when you compare it to loose tea, it really is not much different. The tightly packed pearls of tea will unbind themselves when you steep them in water to brew your tea. This means you are able to measure the tea just as you would with any other variety of loose tea that you typically make.

When preparing dragon pearl tea, most tea drinkers recommend brewing it with hot water as the hot brew compliments the flavor best. That being said, some tea drinkers do prefer cold tea, and so it is up to your personal preference how you make your dragon pearls tea. It is recommended that you add 1 to 2 teaspoons of dragon pearls tea to a pot of hot water and steep the brew for between three and five minutes. Both the amount of tea that you add and the length of time that you steep it for will have a big impact on the tea flavor that you get. If you like a strong and bold brew, then add more tea and leave it brewing in the water for a longer period of time. If you prefer a lighter and subtle flavor, then you will like your dragon pearls tea more if you use fewer pearls and brew the tea for a shorter length of time. People tend to enjoy changing the proportions of tea to water and the duration of brewing time in order to try different strengths of tea. Once you find a combination that gives you the flavor that you like the best, you will be happy that you taste tested many different strengths. However, starting with the recommended brewing time and the amount is best when you are first brewing the tea, as that is the most popular way to make dragon pearls tea.

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