The History of Mulberry Tea

Humans have been utilizing the benefits of Mulberry leaves for healing purposes for over 5000 years now. They are one of the oldest herbs known in history. Mulberry leaves are popularly known as a food source for silkworms. It is known as the traditional medicine for gaining strength and for healing purposes and is used throughout Europe and Asia for centuries.

Chinese History about Mulberry Tea

In Chinese mythology, mulberry tree was known as the ‘Tree of Life’ and also ‘The Herb of Immorality’ over thousands of years back. In Chinese oldest books of remedies, mulberry tea is mentioned to have miraculous effects or immortality benefits. In ancient times, Chinese observed that Mulberry Tea is very tasty and has no side effects. In China, normal herbal tea was replaced by Mulberry Leaves Tea almost 3000 years ago in order to maintain youthfulness.

Japanese History about Mulberry Tea

Records show that in Japan, Mulberry Tea was highly used in history to treat Diabetes. In Japan, Mulberry Tea is a famous tea which is known for a long list of health benefits. Japanese have been consuming Mulberry Tea for more than a thousand years now. Japanese observed that Mulberry Tea is the most convenient way to intake vitamins, minerals, and proteins. As per Japanese medicine books, Mulberry tea increases body metabolism, removes fatigue and is extremely high on nutrition.

How was Mulberry Tea used to benefit human system in History?

Mulberry tea was always used to treat a series of health issues including cold, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Cold Symptoms – As per the Chinese medicines bible, mulberry tea has always been used to treat conditions related to liver and lungs. Mulberry tea attacks the base reason behind cold, flu and allergies. Mulberry tea inhibits the bacterial growth and provides immunity in the body to fight against any cold problems.

Weight Loss – Mulberry tea is known to increase body metabolism and burnout fats in the body. It doesn’t let starchy food that you eat convert into glucose and rather simply flushes it out of the body. Also, it lowers the blood sugar levels, thereby making one less hungry. In history, Mulberry tea was known to be the best treatment for reducing weight in Asia.

Diabetes  For centuries, Mulberry tea has been used as a cure for diabetes in Asia. It regulates blood sugar levels and also prevents the body from getting affecting by diabetes.

Increasing Stamina – For years, this tea has been consumed as a medicine by people of all ages to gain stamina and stay fit. It is helpful for those who start feeling fatigue very fast.

Mulberry Leaves were initially used as an herb in cooking in many parts of Asia. Gradually, it started becoming famous all around the world to be consumed in the form of tea due to its good taste and high level of health benefits. Today, people all around the world consume Mulberry leaves by simply brewing it in water to gain its long list of benefits.

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