Where to Buy Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan tea is well known for its delicious flavor as well as some of its potentially life changing health benefits. When you decide to purchase this flavorful tea, it is a good idea to do your research. There are some very knowledgeable tea distributors and growers that can help you to select the absolute best jiaogulan for you.

Buying Jiaogulan Tea Online

Many people want to purchase their jiaogulan tea directly from the growers like Immortalitea. Often, jiaogulan tea is grown in Thailand, which can be difficult for people to visit directly to select their tea. Tea growers are aware of this desire and many farms both large and small have created their own websites to give tea buyers insight into the process behind making jiaogulan tea. These websites give buyers the chance to see how the tea leaves are grown, maintained, and harvested. Often, the sites also list the fact that they do not use harmful chemicals and pesticides during the growing process. If you do not see that information and it is important to you, it is best to reach out to the grower and make sure the tea is grown in a manner you are comfortable with before you buy it.

These tea websites also frequently tell visitors how the tea is created and how long it takes them to make the tea. This can be helpful for tea enthusiasts who want to ensure they get the freshest cup of tea possible. It can be concerning for some people that the tea the buy online has been sitting in a warehouse losing its flavor and drying out. That is why jiaogulan tea take this information directly to their customers, so they can know how fresh the tea should be when they receive their order.

Buying Jiaogulan Tea in a Store

Some tea drinkers like to purchase their tea from retail locations where they can see the tea before they buy it. This can help you to determine how fresh the tea is, and if it looks like it is of a high quality. If the tea looks old or brittle, it is probably not the best and you may want to consider buying your jiaogulan tea from another shop. While it can take a while for tea to be transported from the place where it was grown, in this case typically Thailand, it should still look fresh and good to drink when it arrives at the store.

If you are not sure how fresh the tea is, you should ask the tea store owner how long they keep the jiaogulan tea for before they refresh their stock. The shop owner might also let you taste test some of the tea to see if you like its flavor. As jiaogulan tea can have a wide range of strengths depending on how long you brew it for, it is best to try the tea when steeped at medium strength to get a reasonable sense of its average flavor. Talking to your local tea shop owner will help you learn what types of tea you enjoy the most, and how they are best prepared.

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