Jiaogulan Health Benefits

Some are even predicting that jiaogulan will replace ginseng in popularity because of its healthy properties. This is because both plants have something called saponins, that can have really beneficial impacts on the body, and jiaogulan actually has a measurably higher number than ginseng contains. However, it is important to note that the two plants are not actually that similar and cannot be used interchangeably, especially not where tea is concerned. There are a lot of other reported benefits to drinking jiaogulan tea, and some studies even suggest it can have a huge impact on people’s lives. If you are considering drinking jiaogulan tea to improve your health, you should talk to your doctor. As jiaogulan tea is made from plants, some people who have plant and nature allergies could have negative reactions when they drink the tea. Also, anyone who takes medication should consult a doctor before drinking jiaogulan tea, as there could be some possible negative side effects when the medication is taken with jiaogulan. Your doctor knows your health best, and will be able to accurately tell you if the tea is safe for you to drink, or if you should avoid jiaogulan tea and look for a different variety that might be safer for you to drink.

Jiaogulan and Longevity

Everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy and live longer. While there has not been a fountain of youth discovered to date, certain remedies and cures have been reported to increase people’s lifespans considerably. Some believe jiaogulan can be counted among the remedies that keep people living longer. This benefit was first reported and examined in the 1960s when people in a certain Chinese city were living longer, and it was determined that the common link they all shared was their increased consumption of jiaogulan tea. These tea drinkers were living longer because some of the natural elements within the tea were improving their overall health as well as preventing some common issues that could have created negative effects as they aged.

Jiaogulan and Blood Health

For some people, drinking jiaogulan tea can also improve their health by creating healthier blood. It has been reported that jiaogulan can lower both blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure overall. This benefit is quite desirable for people who have trouble managing their cholesterol. It is also sought after for those who have higher than normal or unsafe blood pressure levels. While many of these complications require medication and doctor’s care to either correct or control, some people seek additional natural remedies like jiaogulan tea to help them get even healthier and have better results. However, it is important to note that if you are on medications for blood problems or if you have any concerns about your blood health you should consult a doctor before trying to use jiaogulan tea to improve your health. It has been known to slow the blood’s ability to clot in certain people, and this risk needs to be assessed by your doctor.

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