Jiaogulan Side Effects

Most people do not consider drinking tea a very risky activity. For many people it is not. However, as tea comes from plants and is consumed there are always some risks of side effects involved in drinking it. Drinking jiaogulan tea is quite safe for most people, but you should always talk to your doctor before trying any new foods or teas if you are concerned about how they may impact your health. This is especially true for jiaogulan as the very health benefits it provides to some people will be considered negative side effects by others.

Jiaogulan and Blood Clotting

If you are aware of any problems with your blood clotting, then you should likely avoid jiaogulan tea. In certain people, it has been reported that it takes longer for blood to clot after the elements in the plant have been consumed. Again, talking to your doctor about your concerns especially where blot clots are concerned, is the best course of action. This is especially true if you play sports or engage in any high risk activities that may result in you getting injured. The ability for your blood to clot is a critical function, and if you are at risk for injury you especially should not do anything to inhibit your body’s natural ability to clot blood.

Jiaogulan and the Immune System

For a lot of people, a boosted immune system is a great thing. Especially if they are prone to getting sick or are often around people who are ill. This, however, is not the case for people who have auto-immune diseases. Anyone who currently has an auto-immune disease is advised to avoid ingesting jiaogulan as it could potentially heighten the immune system and increase the symptoms of their disease. Even if it does not seem like a cup of tea could negatively impact you very much, you should still avoid drinking jiaogulan tea. The body is comprised of many complex and interrelated systems. Disrupting that balance, even just a bit, can be a big problem. If you already have an auto-immune disorder, it is best not to risk triggering a symptom increase or aggravate the disease by drinking jiaogulan tea.

Jiaogulan and Nausea

Some people find tea a great way to unwind and relax their stomachs if they are anxious or nervous. However, others report feeling symptoms of nausea when they have jiaogulan. If you are prone to having upset stomachs or have difficulty with nausea in general, this might not be the best tea for you to try. Having persistent nausea whether or not you are consuming the tea is certainly something to consult your doctor about. However, if you drink jiaogulan tea and find yourself feeling a bit nauseous or queasy, then you know it is likely the tea that is making you feel unwell. Many people do not feel this side effect from the tea at all, but it can be something to watch out for when you are trying the tea for the first time.

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