How to Select and Prepare Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan tea is popular for more than just its healthy properties. Many people drink the tea purely for its wonderful flavor. There are a few things you need to consider before getting your jiaogulan tea, and taking these factors into account will help you to make the best tea possible right in your own home.

How to Select Your Jiaogulan Tea

Choosing jiaogulan tea can involve a great deal of research. As the plant is typically grown in Thailand, most people look to online markets and reputable tea sellers to ensure they are getting the best tea possible. When selecting your jiaogulan tea to make sure the tea leaves are fresh and not overly brittle or dulled. Fresh tea will be the most flavorful and delicious, and if your tea has been sitting around in a shop or factory for a long period of time it will likely taste less rich and full. Some jiaogulan tea growers boast their harvest to market times on their websites, allowing you to see how quickly the tea is produced and helping you to decide if the tea will be fresh enough for you to enjoy.

How to Prepare Your Jiaogulan Tea

Brewing the perfect cup of tea has a lot to do with your individual taste preferences. Some people like a stronger tea, while others prefer a subtle flavor. You also have to consider whether you are in the mood for a refreshing cup of cold tea, or if you are more inclined to have a cup of hot tea, especially on a crisp fall or chilly winter day. However, each tea type and blend do come with some particular brewing recommendations. While these are only recommendations, and you might find you prefer to prepare your jiaogulan tea in a different way, it is a good place to start. After you have brewed the tea using the recommended instructions you can play around with different amounts of tea leaves and brewing times to personalize the tea to your taste.

For jiaogulan tea, the recommended tea leaf amount is one teaspoon for every standard cup of tea you plan to drink, and it is suggested you brew the tea anywhere from three to a full ten minutes. That is probably pretty surprising, as ten minutes is a long time to brew tea by most standards. However, if you like a very strong cup of tea, you might find this brewing time to be just right. Likely, you will fall a bit lower on the brewing time scale, and prefer to let your jiaogulan tea steep for closer to five minutes.

Another consideration is water temperature. While the brewing guidelines recommend a fairly wide range from 60 – 100 degrees Celsius, the temperature also depends on you and your brewing setup. It can be difficult to control the temperature of your tea water without proper equipment. Some tea drinkers use water thermometers to ensure they reach the best temperature for their tea brewing. Others prefer more automatic methods and invest in high-end tea brewing machines that let them set the temperature they desire. Some of these machines will also allow tea drinkers to set the machine to the type of tea they will be drinking to help get the optimal temperature for that tea type.

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