How to Save Money on Buying Jiaogulan Tea

When a product becomes precious like the way this herb of Jiaogulan tea has become, then the likelihood of prices going high is real.   If China were the only country to supply this herb to the entire world, then many would probably miss out on it due to the high demand and the price too.

Most prices on the internet read about $18 for 100 tea bags. Thinking about how many cups of this tea you will take in a day you find that you can spend so much only buying the drink.

Did you know you can grow your own Jiaogulan Herb?

It is possible to nurture your plant in a garden or a pot depending on the climate of your area and the soils.  The step by step growth process is all one needs to learn how to grow this important herb and even sell it to others.

The step by step process includes:

  • GerminationJiaogulan seeds should be soaked for 24 hours before sowing them in a covered container of warm water filled with damp seed starting the mix.  Plant three seeds in a pot in a triangular pattern about an inch apart.  This is because germination can be inconsistent in some seeds.  Sprinkle the seeds lightly with the mix so that they are barely covered.  Place these seeds under a grow lamp for about 12 hours every day or on an east or west facing windowsill where they can receive partial sun.  The mix should be kept moist at room temperature for germination to occur between two to six weeks.
  • Transplanting–After germination has happened, the Jiaogulan seedlings are ready to be transplanted in early summers beside a partially shaded abhor where the soil is humus rich and well drained.  Plant them one foot apart to give them enough space to grow.  Mulch the seedlings with compost to provide them with the required nutrients from this manure and to help keep the soil damp at all times.
  • Growing and reproduction– Jiaogulan plants should grow up to about 25 feet or so and require only a little care and occasional watering.  This plant is seldom bothered by insects or disease and doesn’t require any more fertilization other than the mulch applied.  Flowers develop in mid to late summer and develop into round green seed pods only if both male and female are present in the garden.  The pods turn black when the seeds are ripe.
  • Harvesting– Until the plant is 1-1/2 feet tall, do not harvest.  Herbs have a strong flavor if harvested right before the flowers open when they bud.  Cut the vines into 3-4 inch pieces to allow the stems to dry at the same rate as the leaves.  The cut pieces are ready for drying and can be placed in a food dehydrator or spread outside to dry under a shade.  Once completely dry, store in glass jars with screw on lids in a cool dark place like a pantry shelf for future use.  The dry herb can be utilized for a very long time without it going bad.


It is straightforward to grow your Jiaogulan vines as they need very little care.  You can save enough dollars for a holiday by growing your vines and even selling to friends even if you never intended it to be a business.  You will have enough for your use and more left over which you surely wouldn’t want to dispose of them.

To know more about Jiaogulan, please visit Jiaogulan Wikipedia.

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