How to Start Using Jiaogulan Tea

If you are new to the Jiaogulan tea, it is important to get full information before you can start enjoying it. There is a lot to learn about this tea that many people ignore and only jump right into taking it without much ado. Most people start making this tea due to its many health benefits, but shockingly not many will take the time to understand what these benefits are and if they can be found in other herbs.

Understanding the Health Benefits of the Jiaogulan tea

Jiaogulan tea is popularly known for its antioxidants and the many health benefits that come from the Saponins –the gypenosides. No other herb has been documented to have the same amount of Saponins as this tea making it one of the healthiest drinks in the world today.  While preparing your tea, you ought to ensure that you extract the maximum amount of Saponins and antioxidants from this herb to gain the most out of it. To make sure that you enjoy your cup of this herbal tea and profit from all its health benefits, make sure you prepare it appropriately.

What is the Appropriate Way to Prepare the Jiaogulan Tea?

Many users fail in this particular area because they do not take time to learn how to make this healthy drink. Remember, to get the right nutrients and health benefits from this drink you have to use it appropriately.

Scientific research has already been done to find the best ways to prepare this tea to enable every user fully enjoy the benefits. Learning to make your cup of tea with the right portions of this herb is vital in getting only the best nutrients.

There are numerous documented ways to make a cup of Jiaogulan tea, but the two most common ones are either through infusion and decoction. Step by step preparations include:

  • Infusing by the cup– Boil pure, clean water – spring water is the most preferred – and introduce a fresh Jiaogulan leaf. Use only one teaspoon equivalent to 1 gram of dried leaf for 250 ml cup. Soak the leaf for about 10 minutes, your cup of tea is ready to be enjoyed. Do not throw away your leaves; you can nibble on them as you drink the tea or use them in your cooking.
  • Infusion by the pot– It is important to use a screened pot or a tea strainer for this process. Ensure that there plenty of room for the leaves to expand. Boil pure, clean water, add a teaspoon of the Jiaogulan tea for each 250 ml of water, for the pot add an extra teaspoon of the tea. Cover the leaves with the boiling water and allow it to steep for about 15 minutes. It is now ready to be enjoyed.
  • Decoction your herbal tea– make your decoction by hard boiling the leaves for about 3 minutes in pure, clean water. Transfer from the heat and cover the pot, transfer into an insulated thermos together with the leaves and you can enjoy all day long.

Enjoying your Jiaogulan Tea

Having learned how to prepare this tea, it is important to note that this tea can be enjoyed in various ways which include:

  • It can be served chilled to be enjoyed all day long in the hot season.
  • It has a delicate flavor that is easily compromised by chemical additives in tap water, always opt to use pure spring water.
  • It is not bitter after infusion rather the longer it sits, the sweeter it gets.
  • The recommended daily intake is 2-4 cups per day spread throughout the day on an empty stomach half an hour or more before a meal.